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Current SERIES :  What the World Needs Now

Most of our folks are probably familiar enough with the cheesy Carpenters song that they know the rest of it is, "LOVE SWEET LOVE.  It's the only thing that there's just too little of."  In our deeply divided and broken world, we should be the ones who consistently demonstrate the character of God and bring healing, restoration, and hope to the fractured and dark places and people around us. 


Before we dive in to Pauls description of love in Corinthians, we will explore the source of love and the implications of God's love in our lives.  This week, we will share the gospel in simple terms; encouraging everyone to embrace God's love for them and share His love with others as children of God created in His image. 

2.14 LOVE IS...

This week, we will begin to dig in to 1 Cor. 13 and really focus on what Paul says love is.  We will dig in to patience and kindness as reflections of God's love and likeness in our lives.  These are words that sound weak and passive, but they actually demonstrate purpose and strength.  

2.21 LOVE ISN'T ...

A major portion of 1 Cor. 13 actually focuses on what love isn't.  An easy way to identify what love is would be to identify things that are NOT consistent with it.  The things that Paul lists here are not consistent with the character and nature of God and don't help us demonstrate His love to those in our lives.  We will investigate our lives and see if any of these traits are present.  If we find them in our lives, we have to accept that these are not from Him, pleasing to Him, or helpful as we are called to share His love. 


Paul wraps up this well known text sharing about things that love always is and always does. These are not forced.  These are things that naturally flow from love.  We will ask ourselves if we always, seldom or never demonstrate the characteristics that are always consistent with love. 

Our action plan for COVID-19


😃 We currently have one Sunday morning small group for adults at 9AM in the Brick House and one in-person worship service in the FLC at 10AM. The 10AM service is live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. See details about online church here.

😷 We still require a mask upon entering, but once in your seat, you are welcome to remove your mask.  Children, Kindergarten thru 5th grade, are also required to wear a mask.  

👶  Our Children (toddlers thru 5th grade) meet on Sunday mornings at 10AM.  The infant nursery is available on a self-serve basis. The services are live-streamed into the nurseries on large screen televisions. 

💻 For those who feel more comfortable participating from home, live steaming will continue to be available, along with access to watch later.

🚫 We will continue with no printed materials distributed, no offering plates passed, and no serving of communion. Our building is fogged before each Sunday gathering.

💙 Thank you all, again, for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this season in the life of our church.